Past Projects

During the first two years after the founding of the Western Institute for Endangered Language Documentation, WIELD took on two projects.

In 2014, after Southern Pomo language classes had ceased at the Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians, WIELD stepped in to allow the continuation of weekly Southern Pomo language classes for members of the Dry Creek Rancheria as well as members of the Cloverdale Rancheria and other Tribal members from adjacent Native communities whose ancestral language was Southern Pomo. WIELD obtained the use of facilities at the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center, and Southern Pomo classes were taught there by Dr. Neil Alexander Walker, who was then serving as president of WIELD’s board. The classes lasted until the end of the spring semester of 2014, a time during which the last fluent speaker of Southern Pomo passed away. Dr. Walker later used the Southern Pomo project hosted by WIELD as a repository for Southern Pomo data for his students. The original project page for Southern Pomo can be accessed here.

WIELD supported a Wappo language project from 2014-2018. During this period, WIELD was privileged to record language data from the last known speaker of Wappo. Dr. Neil Alexander Walker identified the last speaker and arranged for Dr. Jess Kirchner, who then served as the secretary of the board of WIELD, to record Wappo language data from this speaker. Sadly, the aged speaker took ill and passed away shortly after this recording session. Click here to read the old project page for WIELD’s Wappo project. These data are archived on the WIELD site, and heritage learners of Wappo and qualified researchers with no ancestral ties to the language may petition WIELD to access these recordings by submitting this form to WIELD’s board of directors. (Use the Contact tab to find out how to submit the form.)